Around Malang


Bromo Mount Bromo is the active volcano as a part of Tengger chains. With the height of 2392 m above the sea level, placed in south of Pasuruan or northeast of Malang. Every year, especially at 14th of the tenth months of Javanese Calendar is holding traditional ceremony called Kasada and centered in around of the Bromo’s caldera. The temperature is about 17′ – min 3′ C (at night). From Bromo, you can witness the most spectacular sunrise and sunset.

Semeru (Mahameru) Mount Semeru is well known as the highest mountain in Java by 3676 m above sea level. From Malang, it’s about 2 and 2,5 hours to reach. Semeru mountain chains placed in the border of Malang and Lumajang County. Javanese believed Semeru as a peak of Himalayas Mountain that moved to stabilize Java Island by God of Brahma.


Balekambang With white sand and beautiful views, you can enjoy Balekambang beach. It’s about 46 km from Malang. Here you can find the replica of the Temple in Tanah Lot, Bali.

Ngliyep Only 60 km from Malang is the beautiful beach attracts largest crowds. It has however hazardous currents, which together with sudden high waves may sweep and swallow the unwary swimmer.

Sendangbiru For safe swimming, there’s Sendangbiru beach. You can hire a boat to take you to the natural Reserve Sempu Island, which has sandy coves shaded by low trees and is reputedly the last home of Java’s Tiger.

Tourist Resort

Songgoriti There’s a heated pool from the hot springs.


Surabaya is the capital of East Java Province and a second largest and perhaps the busiest city in Indonesia after Jakarta. Surabaya is a gateway to East Java. Adequately serviced by air and sea to all international trade centers.

Batu As a part of Malang County before; Batu now is a town where is located 900 m sea level above. The well-known farm product of Batu is apple. It is surrounded by Mt Arjuna, Mt Welirang, Mt Panderman, Mt Suket and Mountainery Anjasmara. Here can be found some interesting places such as Taman Jatim (East Java’s Park), Waterfall of Coban Rondo and Cangar (hot springs).

Blitar is well known as a city of Soekarno’s grave (Indonesian first President) and Penataran Temple. Blitar is also well known for the palm sugar and pineapple. From Malang, it’s about 1 or 1,5 hours to reach it.

Pasuruan To reach Malang from Surabaya, you will through this town. Here you can find Taman Safari (wild animal park), tourist resort of Tretes and Prigen.